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What was your experience of PE when you were at school?

Yesterday I was asked to speak to all the staff at a school about the value of PE, School Sport and Physical activity and the benefits it has across the whole school.

One key area we are supporting the school with is increasing the confidence of staff delivering high-quality PE lessons.

The first question I always ask is what were your experiences of PE when you were a child.....?

Many staff have negative memories of PE at school and unfortunately, this can have a lock on effect on their confidence, delivery and impact when delivering PE.

PE as a subject has come along way. One key point I wanted staff to leave with was the quote in the image.

PE is an inclusive subject that focuses on not just the physical but mental and social aspects.

The feedback from the talk was fantastic with staff feeling positive. I can't wait to start supporting the staff through high-quality PE CPD to increase confidence and engagement within lessons.

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help yesterday. The staff seem to have received it really well and I have received great feedback from all". Mrs Donaldson PE Lead

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