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Kanga Mentors

Improved confidence and motivation for students struggling to engage with school.

Why Schools use Kanga Mentoring?

1. To help and support those struggling to engage with school life.

2. To improve pupils’ behaviour, self-esteem, and attitude towards school.

3. To get pupils more involved in school (and achievement).

Kanga Mentoring can stop a child from giving up entirely on school as well as improving attainment, attitudes, attendance and emotional wellbeing.

What is Kanga Mentoring?

To eradicate the issue of education related problems and improve pupil attainment, Kanga Mentoring works closely with school staff to support the struggling student within a safe, non-threatening environment.


Our structured approach aims to give students confidence, self-belief and produce engaging outcomes that improve social skills and class participation.

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How does it work?

The program works on different aspects of school life and requires support from the school to reinforce messages and targets set within the sessions.

During parts of each session, physical activity is used as a tool for supporting students through difficulties they face and helps them to develop key skills that they can use in all aspects of school life.

Our key aim is to enable the students at high risk to remain engaged in their education and maximise their potential for a successful future.

The impact of Kanga Mentoring is constantly measured and shared via the student booklet and questionnaires and staff feedback questionnaires.


This gives you invaluable data to justify your spending and provide key evidence to Ofsted.

Yoga Class

On average students

who received Kanga Mentoring



more engaged

 in curriculum lessons.

From as little as £75 a session,

(two 45 minute sessions either in a morning or afternoon)

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"The mentoring sessions from Kanga have had a positive impact on the children's social and mental wellbeing. The children that I had chosen to work with Kanga had difficulties with working in a social environment, they struggled to express their emotions appropriately. This often led them into trouble because they expressed their emotions through fighting and inappropriate behaviour. Since Kanga came in gave them targets to achieve it has given them a purpose and something to look forward to each week. The sessions have helped to control their emotions and express them in an appropriate manner, they have learned to be calmer and shown behaviour that is acceptable in a social setting (taking turns, waiting, not resorting to fighting on the first instance)".

St Josephs Catholic Primary School

Why Kanga Mentoring Works?

Cognitive performance

Helps to engage students within school and gives them tools to help break negative thought cycles towards school, low academic attainment and disengagement from their learning

 Environment for learning

This program helps pupils develop a positive attitude towards learning in school through a curriculum that focuses on four key aspects. These are the following: Discussion, subject enhancement, reward and evaluation.

Physical activity used as a catalyst

Physically active students show significant improvement in mental health and well-being. The impact of physical activity is profound in a pupil's academic performance, focusing them, supporting them to learn and increasing their self-worth, all of which contribute to an improved learning environment at school.

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For more information on our mentoring courses or to receive a brochure contact us below or call: 07526600793

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