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Behaviour Management Policy for Kanga Sports Holiday Clubs


Kanga Sports will endeavour to provide an orderly and secure environment, , which will allow all children to be supported to be the very best they can be; physically, mentally and socially.


The rules are designed to develop qualities of self-respect, self-discipline and respect for other people and their property. A high standard of conduct, courtesy and good manners is expected.


It is Kanga Sports’ policy to approach the management of behaviour as positively as possible and to treat all children and staff with dignity and respect.


Kanga Sports uses effective behaviour management strategies to promote the welfare and enjoyment of children attending each venue.

Working in partnership with parents, we aim to manage behaviour using clear, consistent, and positive strategies. The venue’s designated member of staff responsible for behaviour management is the Lead Coach.



When attending the club or camp, we expect children to: 


  • Use socially acceptable behaviour

  • Participate in a variety of activities

  • Avoid using any form of vulgar or abusive language

  • Ask for help if needed 

  • Respect the authority of all staff

  • Enjoy their time at the Club/Camp


  • Respect one another, accepting differences of race, gender, ability, age, and religion 

  • Refrain from bullying and report any instances of bullying immediately

  • Respect the dignity of fellow children and show understanding and tolerance of their differences 

  • Not make physical contact with another person outside of a sporting context. 

  • Develop their independence by maintaining self-discipline

  • Not use mobile phones or any electronic devices such as video games, iPad, smart watches etc.



To show due care and respect for the grounds and property, children will: 

  • Use the numerous litter bins provided 

  • Eat and drink in the designated areas only at break and lunch-time 

  • Not chew chewing gum 

  • Not deface buildings, furniture, and equipment 

  • Not participate in any form of vandalism

  • Not interfere with any safety equipment.

Encouraging Positive Behaviour

Whilst at Club/camp positive behaviour is encouraged by: 

  • Staff acting as positive role models 

  • Praising appropriate behaviour 

  • Informing parents about individual achievements 

  • Offering a variety of play opportunities to meet the needs of the children attending the camp


Kanga Sports Ltd encourages all staff to implement positive reinforcement strategies to manage behaviour. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Reward charts

  • Creating a safe personal space in times of distress

  • Personal resources to provide comfort

  • Visual cues

It is inevitable that as children develop and learn, there are times when they need support and guidance to understand that their behaviour is not acceptable. Staff at the Club/Camp will try to determine the cause or triggers of the inappropriate behaviour to prevent the situation from recurring.


Dealing With Inappropriate Behaviour 

Behaviours which are deemed inappropriate include but are not limited to:


  • Being disruptive

  • Theft

  • Repeated not listening or following instructions

  • Vandalism or deliberately damaging equipment/facilities

  • Negative or unkind words and actions, including threats with intent to hurt others

  • Racial, homophobic, or discriminatory language or actions

  • Being physical towards another child or staff

  • Failing to follow the mobile phone/electronics policy


Challenging behaviour will be addressed in a calm, firm, and positive manner, following the severity stages below.


Stage 1
The child will be temporarily removed from the activity and spoken to by staff to discuss why the behaviour displayed is deemed inappropriate. Staff will give the child an opportunity to explain their behaviour, to help prevent a recurrence.  Staff will encourage and facilitate mediation between children to try to resolve conflicts through discussion and negotiation. 
Children will then return to activities if staff feel the situation has been resolved and the child is no longer being disruptive to others.


Stage 2

Repeated offenses of disruptive behaviour will then result in a consultation with parents or carers (at pick up or via phone call to which the Camp Lead deems most appropriate) to formulate clear strategies for dealing with persistent inappropriate behaviour.


Stage 3
If after consultation with parents and the implementation of behaviour management strategies, a child continues to display inappropriate behaviour, the Club/Camp leader may decide to exclude the child temporarily, usually 24-hour cooling off period. Again, this will depend on the severity of the behaviour and at the discretion of the Camp Lead. The reasons and processes involved will be clearly explained to the child and parent/carer.


Stage 4

Once a cooling off period has been issued and the child returns to the club/camp, and inappropriate behaviour still occurs, depending on the severity, this will result in the child being removed from the club/camp for the remainder of the club/camp season. The situations occurred and their behaviour will then be assessed by management before being allowed to return the following season.


Stage 5
After a re-assessment of the child’s behaviour has been carried out by management, the child may be allowed to attend another club/camp. Should any further behavioural instances occur, the parent/carer will be contacted to collect their child. Repeated instances may then result in permanent exclusion from all clubs/camps at Kanga Sports Ltd.


Physical intervention
Physical intervention will only be used as a last resort, when staff believes that action is necessary to prevent injury to the child or others, or to prevent significant damage to equipment or property. If a member of staff must physically restrain a child, the managing director will be notified, and an Incident record will be completed. The incident will be discussed with the parent or carer as soon as possible. If staff are not confident about their ability to contain a situation, they should contact the managing director or, in extreme cases, the police.


All incidents will be recorded on an Incident record and kept in the child’s file. This may be used to build a pattern of behaviour, which may indicate an underlying cause. If a pattern of incidents indicates possible abuse, we will implement child protection procedures in accordance with our Safeguarding policy.


1:1 Support

Kanga Sports Ltd prides its inclusiveness for all children regardless of their race, religion, background, or ability therefore we understand some children may require additional support due to special educational needs (SEND) or other factors.

We kindly ask that at your time of booking, you inform us with as much information as possible about the needs of your child and any additional support requirements for us to make reasonable adjustments accordingly.
We also request parents/carers to be honest and transparent when providing information about their child, especially if the child requires a higher level of supervision. Failure to provide this information, may result in the child’s booking being cancelled. Providing these details will help staff to understand the additional support that is needed, including expected behaviours and triggers, and to determine the best possible action to support the child,

It is our responsibility to ensure standard ratios and the welfare of other children are not affected by additional adjustments.


For children who require 1:1 care at home or school, we support the attendance of their regular carer or adult to accompany them while at the club/camp. Carers or accompanying adults must be able to provide up-to-date suitability checks and are funded and sourced by the child’s support network.

Supporting adults will be required to sign in and out on the visitor log when attending the club/camp. They will be there solely to support the child to participate in the club/camp without affecting the welfare and safety of other children. Therefore, under no circumstances, will the supporting adult be responsible for or be left alone with any other child.

We reserve the right to contact parents/carers at any point while the child is attending the club/camp to collect their child should we believe the welfare or safety of any other child or staff is not being protected.

We also reserve the right to decline a booking or prevent a child from attending a club/camp should we believe we are unable to safely meet the individual's needs, outside our standard ratios and/or affecting the welfare and/or safety of others.


Mobile phone/Electronics Policy
At Kanga Sports Ltd, we are committed to fostering a healthy, safe, and fun environment for all children. We acknowledge that mobile phones have become an integral part of daily life, and many children possess their own devices. However, we also recognize the associated risks, including unwanted distractions, cyberbullying, and exposure to inappropriate content. Therefore, to ensure that every child attending our clubs/camps can fully engage in activities and interact with peers, Kanga Sports Ltd enforces a strict policy prohibiting the use of mobile phones and electronic devices on site.

If a child is found using a device, they will be asked immediately to put it away with their personal belongings. The parent or guardian will then be notified at pick up and asked for it not to be used on site.

Kanag Sports Ltd will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to any electronic device brought to the club/camp.
Should this incident occur again, the device will be temporarily confiscated, securely stored, and returned to the parent or guardian at the end of the day. The child/parent/guardian will then be given a warning about the device being used on a third instance.

On a third occasion where the device is being used, the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately and asked to collect their child.
Further incidents involving mobile devices may result in permanently being removed from future clubs/camps.
This rule is designed to minimize disruptions and protect all children and staff.


When signing up to a Club/Camp you are agreeing to this behaviour policy.

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