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Childcare voucher schemes FAQs

If you are planning on paying for our camps using childcare voucher schemes then please follow the steps below.


  1. Drop us an email at with the venue you would like your child to attend and how many days you need.

  2. We will then respond to you and give you a price for the sessions needed per person.

  3. Please then issue a payment to us through your voucher provider (if you need any additional information from us then please let us know).

  4. When payment has been issued please share proof of payment with us (a screenshot is fine)

  5. We will then leave you with a direct booking link and a discount code to enter on class4kids.

  6. You should then be all booked in!


Here is a list of all the voucher schemes that we accept, if yours is not on the list below then please get in touch with us.

  • Bravo Benefits (formerly Busy Bees Benefits) - Search ‘Kanga Sports Ltd’

  • Care-4 - Registration number 2512749

  • Childcare Grant Payment Service - CCG8985444

  • Computershare Voucher Services - Search ‘Kanga Sports’

  • Edenred - P21249980

  • Enjoy Benefits - Search ‘Kanga Sports, Postcode BD23 6NW’

  • Fair Care Services Limited - Account reference ‘KANG0122’

  • Fideliti- Account number KAN013C

  • Government Tax-Free Childcare - Registration number 2512749 (search Kanga Sports Ltd)

  • KiddiVouchers - Search ‘Kanga Sports’

  • RG Childcare Vouchers (Reward Gateway) - Search ‘Kanga Sports Ltd and address is Embsay Primary School’

  • Sodexo Pass - 907238 (Include postcode: BD23 6NW)

How to make a payment via the Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme


Firstly, like with all other childcare voucher companies we require you to contact us first at

This is so that we can give you the cost of the session (s) that you intend on booking with us.


From here you will need to make a payment via the tax free website, you will need to search for us at Kanga Sports Ltd, the address is Embsay Primary School or alternatively enter our registration number which is 2512749.


When this has been done, please send us an email with proof of payment as we will then leave you with a discount code to enter on class4kids to ensure that no money is taken from your bank for these sessions.

We have also had other instances where someone has asked about claiming back the costs for their childcare from Universal Credit. To do this you would need to pay for any sessions booked online via class4kids, we can then issue you with an invoice for these sessions that has our company address and OFSTED registration number. If this is something you need then please send us an email at   

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