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Kanga Swim - Making waves in primary education

Are you a school in the Bradford, North Leeds, Craven, Wharfe Valley or Aire Valley areas? Eliminate the stress and logistical nightmares of traditional primary school swimming with Swim:ED. Our innovative, on-site pop-up pool solution ensures safety and quality on your school playground, which preserves precious learning time, simplifies your staffing, and aligns with national curriculum requirements. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Swim:ED, complete the form below to speak to one of our team

Swimming education on your school playground 

Swim:ED redefines primary school swimming and water safety, by bringing it directly to your school. Picture a heated pop-up pool securely enclosed within a temporary modular structure on your playground. With qualified instructors and lifeguards, we eliminate the need for off-site travel, preserving precious study time. It’s more than convenience; it’s a commitment to creating a safe, inclusive, and vibrant learning environment, where every child acquires vital swimming and water safety skills. Dive into Swim:ED and navigate towards a future, where every pupil is confident, competent and safe in the water. 

To see one of our pools in action,  join the waiting list for our next showcase event. This is an event to see the pop up pool in action, meet the team and ask questions.

Boosting your school's swimming education 

Choosing Swim:ED creates a streamlined, effective swimming programme in your primary school. Ensuring many distinct advantages, such as:


  • Enhanced learning time: Maximise your children's education by removing travel times and bringing swimming lessons to your playground. 

  • Reduced logistical hassles: Say farewell to the complications of off-site provision and transport organisation, paving the way for a hassle-free experience. 

  • Data-driven insights: Arm yourself with valuable, in-depth pupil progress data directly correlating to national curriculum requirements for swimming and safety. 

  • Safety first: Rest easy with our rigorous safety protocols through our in-depth PSOP, which safeguards your pupils in a secure learning environment. 

  • Quality and inclusive education: Ensure every child gains access to essential swimming and water safety skills regardless of their circumstances. 

  • Cost-efficient: Leverage a turnkey solution that often proves more economically advantageous than conventional off-site swimming lessons.  

The future of primary school swimming

Swim:ED is an innovative programme that makes swimming education accessible and inclusive for every primary school. Let's dive into its unique features: 

A complete solution:

Everything you need for swimming education, is delivered on your playground - including a heated pop-up pool and qualified instructors. 

Secure set-up:

Our pop-up pool resides in a lockable, robust modular structure, affixed securely to your playground, ensuring safety and accessibility. 

Championing inclusivity:

We believe every child has a right to learn to swim, and our programme eradicates barriers, offering high-quality swimming education for all children.

Safety ensured:

We adhere to stringent health and safety protocols underpinned by vigilant supervision from our expert team, to create a safe swimming environment

Comprehensive data at your fingertips: Our unique platform tracks and reports pupil progress, demonstrating swimming and water safety outcomes and improvements. 

Quality instruction:

Swim:ED's qualified team deliver a curriculum that ensures your children grasp swimming and water safety efficiently and effectively. 

“Swim:ED has revolutionised swimming lessons at Timberley Primary Academy, saving us logistical challenges and assisting Year 6 attendance. With improved swimming skills and heightened water safety awareness, the impact on our children is beyond measure.”  

Deputy Head, Timberley Primary Academy 

''The progress made by the children and the confidence they had in the water was more than we could have hoped for. All of the children loved the sessions and the small group numbers meant that lessons were individualised. The sessions ran smoothly with no disruption to the rest of the school.'' 

Headteacher, Westbourne School  

“Swimming progress and attainment have improved at an incredible rate during the 6 weeks that the pop-up pool was on site. Our pupils have all developed their resilience and perseverance as well as their swimming skills for life.” 

PE Lead, Willows County Primary School 

On-site swimming from £10,750 

Every primary school is unique and when all costs are considered, Swim:ED is often more cost-effective than a traditional swimming programme.


We offer delivery models over 5 to 7 weeks, accommodating up to 180 children in swimming and water safety lessons. 

Easily navigate space challenges with our temporary changing rooms, starting at just £250, and enhance your Swim:ED journey by incorporating extra-curricular clubs into your programme, utilising Pupil Premium or PE and Sport Premium funding. 

Securing your pop-up pool

We work with experts in high-quality modular structures, ensuring your pupils enjoy safe, secure, and efficient swimming lessons with minimal disruption to your school. Our temporary modular systems are quick to install, secure, and adhere to the highest safety standards, while preserving the integrity of your playground. 

How does your school swimming measure up?

Where to start with improving your school's swimming provision? 

We've got just the tool for you. With the help of our friends at Swim England, we've developed the Primary School Swimming Review, designed to give you insights into your current swimming programme and help identify areas of improvement. 

You'll receive a FREE personalised report in four minutes or less showing how your school can improve swimming proficiency and water safety by answering a few simple questions. 

 Fill in our contact form to find out more. 



Success Story - Amina

Have you ever been swimming or done swimming lessons before taking part in kanga swim?
No, I have only ever been to a swimming pool with family friends and I just sat in the water on the steps, I didn’t swim.

What was the furthest distance you swam after completing the 4 weeks of lessons with kanga swim?
I swam 300m on my back

What was your favourite part of kanga swim?
Megan teaching me to swim on my front and back

Will you continue swimming after finishing with kanga swim?
Yes, and I am going swimming next week for my birthday

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