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Hot Weather Activities

Find our top tips for PE or indoor break activities in a heatwave below 

  • Yoga and Mindfulness Activities

  • The Fitness Game

Children Meditating

All of these activities should be performed in a quiet environment and you could play some soothing music quietly in the background.


Finger breathing


Set up:

All that is required is a quiet space and a cushion or something soft to sit on.


Whilst sat on your cushion, simply hold one hand in front of your face. You should then take the index finger from your other hand and place it on the wrist at the bottom of your thumb. As you breathe in move your finger tip up your thumb and as you breathe out move it down your thumb. Continue this process with all the fingers of your hand and keep going until you reach the bottom of your finger. This can be repeated in the opposite direction and also performed on both hands.

Tree pose


Set up:

All that is required is a quiet space and enough room for you to stand and move around in.


If you feel comfortable then take your shoes off (socks as well but this is optional). You are to stand with one foot on the floor and the other foot is to be placed on top of your foot that is on the ground. If you feel confident in balancing then place this other foot higher up your leg. Place your hands together, with your fingers pointing towards the sky and bring them towards your chest. From here you should open up your arms, elbows pointing out. Take in 5 slow, deep breaths (eyes can be closed to help, use a wall if you are wobbling). Swap over to the opposite leg and repeat.

Name my feelings


Set up:

All that is required is a quiet space and enough room for you to sit down in.



If required you can find a cushion to sit on or something soft. When sat comfortably close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and out. Ask the students to consider what happens when they continue to just breathe. They may, for example, feel tired and want to go to sleep. When they feel this they should say to themselves "I feel tired". The students then should consider something else that they may feel such as something that upset them, they would then say "I feel upset". Ask the students to then think about something that they are looking forward to, they would then say "I am excited". Every time that a student notices a feeling as they are breathing they should say this to themselves. This can be performed for 5 minutes or less and then continue with your day.

The Fitness Game

Save and print the image below for a fun, quick game of fitness! 

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