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Keeping kids active during lockdown number 2!

Our FREE after school zoom sessions are going live this week!

So many children are missing out on the recommended 60 active minutes a day, so we are here to try and get them active.

The being active has never been so important with Physical activity keeping us healthy but more importantly helping with our mental health wellbeing.

We've got two clubs running a week..... one for our Tots aged 2-4, and a fun sports club session for primary school children.

Each session won't be needing much equipment, but it will be stuff you can find in the house like a pair of socks turned into a ball. We will let you know prior to the session.

All sessions must be booked online so we can e-mail you the information for each club. There is NO charge.

Links will be shared in the comments for both sessions!

We have scheduled them early evening, so this may give you the option to get the children active whilst you get tea ready!

We hope to see lots of you this week. Please like and share so we can reach the maximum amount of families!

Thank you for your support.

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