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Introducing English on the Move

Physically active learning is all the rage at the moment, and rightly so. A growing body of academic research proves that brain function is enhanced through physical activity. And is there a teacher in the world who doesn’t want their pupils’ brains functioning as well as possible?

The Maths on the Move programme has been running since 2015 and it has not only been popular with children and teachers, but the data has shown that it works (link to So, knowing that we were onto a good thing, we’ve been busy behind the scenes developing English on the Move.

What is English on the Move?

English on the Move is a physically active learning programme that combines physical activity with spelling, punctuation and grammar teaching, aligned with the National Curriculum.

Through team games, plenty of movement and well-paced tasks, pupils focus on one learning outcome per lesson, reinforcing and practising what they have learnt in their usual English lessons.

English on the Move lessons are taught by trained educators, are suitable for all abilities and can be tailored to meet the needs of your pupils.

The impact of English on the Move is constantly measured and shared via an online platform and regular reports.

Why choose English on the Move?

SPaG can be confusing for pupils. The wide range of complex-sounding terminology can be intimidating; the number of rules (and their exceptions) can be overwhelming, and at times trying to learn it all can be downright boring.

English on the Move offers a chance to break down some of these barriers by taking the same key concepts to a new environment, with a different way of learning.


Although it’s still new, data from trials is extremely positive:

98.7% of pupils said they would like to do EOTM again.

98.3% of children felt that EOTM had helped them with SPaG

Pre- and post-programme test scores showed that 95.6% of children had improved in SPaG after taking part in EOTM.


What do teachers and pupils think of English on the Move?

There’s something for everyone in it. Everyone likes it and it’s great for teamwork and working together.

Year 5 pupil

We absolutely love English on the Move. We’ve aligned it to our spelling, punctuation and grammar curriculum and it allows children to learn those things in a really fun and different way.


When I’m teaching spelling, the children find it really difficult whereas English on the Move allows them to do a difficult concept but in a fun, physically active environment and it takes away the fear of spellings, which is really important to me.

Year 5 Teacher

To find out

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