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Healthy Eating for under £1

Eating healthy on a budget can be difficult at times. As we all know kids can be picky in what they eat so ensuring that what we make is tasty as well as healthy is even more important.

Our Kanga experts have been working hard with Nutrition specialists to deliver activities during our holiday clubs to encourage children to understand the difference in the food groups and what is healthy and why it benefits them and their bodies.

If we can get kids enjoying healthy nutritional food from a young age, we hope this will continue into adulthood and create an active and healthy population.

Keep an eye out:

The children will be working through their own Kanga book over the summer holidays. Keep an eye out for it when they bring it home. There are lot's of fun games in there including one of our favourites Vegetball bingo!

As we all know food bills can be expensive.

We've picked out our favourites recipes for under a £1 at

and will be publishing them on our social media channels.

Visit: to start making our favourite recipes.

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