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Top Tips for teachers on planning a unit of work.

Designing a unit of work can be challenging for a teacher who lacks the experience of delivering PE. Just like all subjects, a unit of work aims to build knowledge and understanding of the sport whilst enhancing skill development.

A unit of work acts as a guide for the teacher to work from, but it is important the teacher is adaptable and prioritises learning before progressing quickly through the syllabus. A unit of work should be fun, engaging, meaningful and relevant to the ability and age of the class. The tips below will help a non-specialist plan a unit of work.

·Teach the rules first and foremost – this makes the skill teaching more relatable and will allow students to visualise them using the skills in a game. Developing knowledge can encourage pupils to practice by themselves or watch the sport on tv.


·Warm up games – fun warm up games are a great way to start the lesson. If possible, try and link them with the teaching points from the previous lesson.

·Plan for small sided game time in most lessons – not only are games fun but this is where most learning of a sport takes place. Remember that less people on a team, the more involved each pupil will be.

·Start skill teaching with dribbling or individual skill activities – allow students to familiarise themselves with the equipment. This will build confidence and coordination.


·Shooting is fun – the best thing about playing sports is scoring a goal or basket. If you are teaching an invasion game, prioritise your shooting lessons, plan for lots of shooting opportunities and encourage celebrations. Pupils will start associating the feel-good factor with playing sport.

·Key Stage 1 don’t need to pass – the fundamental element of early education is developing gross/fine motor skills and therefore improving technical ability. Prioritise dribbling and shooting. Have lots of 1v1 opportunities. Make sure teams never exceed more than 5 members.

Download your free copy of the TOP TIPS document here.

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