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How 95% of primary school pupils increased their maths scores

Pupils’ maths performance in KS2 is closely linked to their eventual GCSE result. In fact, this connection between KS2 and GCSE performance is stronger in maths than in other subjects.

When it comes to trying to catch up with their peers by age 16, those who are behind in maths in primary school will find it harder than those who are behind in other subjects.

And so, it’s vital that action is taken to improve children’s understanding and confidence in maths to support both their present and future success.

One programme that is proven to increase pupils’ understanding and confidence in maths is Maths on the Move (MOTM).

7,752 children took part in MOTM last year and this was the impact.

What is Maths on the Move?

MOTM is a physically active learning programme that’s designed by teachers and aligned to the national curriculum.

Expert educators teach maths concepts through movement-based games and challenges. The activities are suitable for all abilities and tailored to meet your school’s requirements.

In 2021 – 2022:

How did Maths on the Move impact pupils’ performance in maths?

During each MOTM session, children in Key Stage 1 complete 3 questions at the start of the lesson and 3 questions at the end of the lesson. Children in Key Stage 2 complete 5 questions at the start of the lesson and 5 questions at the end.

Their scores are collected and the average results across all the schools are shown below.

How did Maths on the Move impact pupils’ confidence in maths?

The children were asked to self-assess their perceived confidence when faced with a maths question. Scale 0-10. (0 – low, 10 - high)

On average the children increased their confidence scores by 29.8%. The average pre-course confidence score was 5.7 and the average post course confidence score was 7.4.

Times Tables

The Maths on the Move Times Tables programme aims to support children in their recall of times tables. Each week children attempt to answer 50 times tables questions in 1 minute. The average number of correct responses in the first week (27.4) and in the final week (37.4) are shown below.

What do pupils and teachers think of Maths on the Move?

“We started in school with a Maths on the Move trial. The impact these sessions had upon the children’s maths learning and confidence was phenomenal. We now have one afternoon a week of Maths on the Move interventions and have recently requested another session for our Year 6 children.”

  • St Mary’s C of E Primary School, Hampshire

“In class we were not really understanding the maths, so we always need an adult to explain things to us, but I have noticed that all of us that attend Maths on the Move have been working much harder and we have needed less support during lessons.”

  • Year 5 pupil

“Maths on the Move has had a significant impact on a child in my class who was quite fearful of maths. Since she started these sessions she now comes happily to complete maths tasks and often asks for more work! Her confidence has increased tremendously and she no longer worries! The fun, active element has made the written part much easier and now she is always fully engaged!”

  • Headteacher, Ashcott Primary School

Download your copy of the 2021-2022 MOTM impact report:

Download PDF • 759KB


Experience a 6-week free trial of Maths on the Move

Words and numbers can only prove so much. You need to experience MOTM first-hand to know if it would benefit your school.

That’s why we offer a 6-week free trial of the programme that includes:

  • 1 x 1 hour session per week

  • School identifies a group of children (Up to 16 in KS2 and up to 10 in KS1) to take part in the trial

  • School selects a relevant booklet from the MOTM programme that suits the children's needs

  • We deliver all sessions and provide all booklets, equipment and resources

  • The MOTM portal is used to record and analyse data and create reports

  • Joint observation - In week 3 or 4 we review delivery with the key personnel from your school

  • Impact review – We meet with the key personnel from your school to look at the programme’s impact

  • Collaborate on how the programme could impact the whole school moving forwards, in relation to any of the following:

  • Positively impacting maths attainment

  • Positively impacting maths confidence

  • Increased physical activity across the school during curriculum time

  • Increase the importance and ethos of PE, sport and physical activity across the school

  • Increase the range of activities pupils are exposed to through the programme

  • Increased opportunity for competition between classes, groups, individuals and competition with self

  • Closing the attainment gap between pupils

  • Addressing knowledge gaps and catching up

  • Impacting the attainment and performance of ALL pupils across the school

To arrange your 6-week free trial of Maths on the Move, call us on 07526 600 793 or email

FREE SATs maths revision resource

We all know that learning is most effective when children are having fun.

But when we think of SATs prep, fun isn’t exactly what springs to mind.

Until now.

We’ve created a FREE Maths on the Move SATs revision resource.

How does a game of bingo with a twist sound?

Here’s how to play:

  • Download and print the question and answer cards.

  • Hand out the answer cards to your pupils, you could do team or individual bingo.

  • Place the question cards around the hall, playground or field.

  • And then it’s a race to get a complete line, two lines, and finally a full house!

The questions in the resource are developed by assessment experts, taken from every KS2 programme of study. Just like SATs.

Download your FREE SATs maths revision bingo.

So much can be achieved when movement is combined with maths. If you’re interested in a 6-week free trial or would like to chat further about physically active learning and MOTM, you can call us on 07526 600 793 or email

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