Workshops - Kanga Sports

Inspiring Children Through Sports


Look out for our new and exciting workshops that can be tailored to your school including Cross-curricular, Performing Arts and Outdoor Education.

All workshops are delivered at your school!


  • PE is a great active subject to be used as a cross curricular link.
  • We specialise in helping students with maths, english and science.
  • We tailor each workshop depending on the topic of your choice for example, students are able to actively learn fractions within maths or learn grammar within English.

Performing Arts

  • Performing arts embrace all subject disciplines as well as social activities, and because of the confidence and communication skills that they equip children with, children become empowered in whatever career path they decide to follow as they become adults.
  • Our Performing Arts work shops can build on English language and literacy lessons, or as a cross-curricular medium to support other subjects such as history or science, allow children to experiment.
  • We develop a performing arts workshop to fit around the topic you are teaching in school. Please see below for more detail

Kanga Outback

  • At Kanga we’re constantly looking for new ways to engage, stimulate and motivate the young people we work with.
  • We have developed a work shop with outdoor specialists which looks at exploring the environment in a sympathetic way, working together and overcoming challenges in the outdoors.
  • We offer activities surrounding problem solving, team building,  bush craft, orienteering and many more. All delivered at your school.