Once they have gone they’ve gone!!!

January 7, 2020by kanga

Did you know…..

Kanga Tots is designed for 18 moths-4 year old’s developing gross and fine motor skills and the ABC’s through football and multi skills.

Children are able to progress at their own speed to enable develop at their own speed and activities are differentiated for all abilities.

Give you your child a head start in physical development and build a strong, confident and well rounded child.

Kanga Joeys is a more technical class for children aged 4-7 years.

Here we build on your child’s football skills working on specific technical areas in dribbling, passing shooting.

Our aim is to create our very own Kanga Joeys football team and would like your child to be a part of it.

Places are limited on a first serve basis.

Starts the 11th January.