Life lessons

September 2, 2019by kanga

When I was 3, my parents pushed me to be involved in a number of different activities..

I didn’t realise back then, but it taught me a valuable lesson.

Not only did it create a love of sport, but it gave me the lessons to socialise and get on with others. It showed me the importance of fair play and sportsmanship.

These activities developed key gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills such as problem solving and most importantly the social skills. My school years were happy times and I believe it was because it was all down to my early experiences.

Today I have my dream drop of I spring children from the age of 2 years old through to 18 to get involved in physical activity.

In todays Nurseries and schools there seems to be more and more children who lac the basic gross and fine motor skills. Children are unable to get on with each other they struggle to share or make the right choice. This coincides with the rise of technology and children becoming more sedentary.

Those who are active are happier, have bigger social groups, healthier and have a better mental wellbeing throughout their lives.

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