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"As a qualified Physical Education teacher I understand the importance of quality and the assurance that all Physical Education lessons and activities are of a high standard." Andrew @KangaSports
Inspiring Children Through Sports

Kanga Mentors

What makes us different is that Kanga Sports is made up of a team of Qualified teachers and Coaches with over a decade of teaching experience within Primary and Secondary schools.

Do you have students with a poor attitude to school, attendance and behaviour?

Are there students at your school with low self esteem, confidence and and emotional difficulties?

Have you students that are disruptive and prevent other students learning?


Studies have found that mentors have a positive impact on students especially for non academic outcomes such as attitudes to school, attendance and behaviour.

Kanga Mentors can help your students learn to become more resilient, develop mindfulness and create a positive attitude towards school.

With our help your students build Confidence and character raising their aspirations.

Building a happier school.

We build a happier learning place within  school.

Kanga Mentors work directly with students and staff to develop and support your students academic knowledge, skill and understanding.

Our specialists help your students with: poor attendance, lack of confidence, self esteem, behaviour or emotional difficulties.

We are here to help enrich the lives of the students in your school.

For a FREE consultation contact office@kangasports.co.uk

For further information on what we can provide or to arrange a meeting please contact Andrew at andrew@kangasports.co.uk

“As a qualified PE teacher Andrew has the correct and appropriate training to deliver the National Curriculum which shows when it comes to deliveing well planned engaging lessons.”.

Catherine Greenbank Threshfield Primary School