Kanga in Uganda - Kanga Sports

Enriching Children’s lives through PE and Sport.

Kanga in Uganda

We have created a link with the Charity JET.

They have currently work with 5 schools and 3 Orphanages.

Our team were invited to work alongside the charity¬† and enrich the children’s lives through sport and PE.

Last year we were lucky enough to take a collection of footballs, rugby balls, cones, sports kit, cricket sets and skipping ropes. All the equipment was provided by students back in the UK who raised enough money through different events in their schools.

This year we would like to take more with us including pumps for their feet. Some children walk for miles to school with no shoes.

Other equipment includes, footballs, bibs, firsbees, bean bags, cones, different balls more sipping ropes and much more.

Most Ugandan families and schools have little or no money for equipment so every bit helps.

If you are able to help by making a donation visit: