Helping your Kids!

August 28, 2019by kanga

What is Physical and Health Literacy and why is is it so important?

There is a lot of chat at the moment about knowing if your child is physically literate and the benefits. But what does Physically literacy mean?

The basics:

By the age of seven a child should be able to run, hop, jump, skip, throw, kick a ball and many other gross and fine motor skills,

This is through learning the ABC’s, Agility Balance and Coordination.

Each of these skills create the building blocks for all the different types of physical activity.

For example learning to run properly will allow you to take part in a variety of activities from rugby, tennis, hockey, gymnastics, parkour, squash and rounders…… the list could go on.

Without these basic life skills, children and adults will find it difficult to lead active healthy lifestyles.

Health literacy basically helps children to develop an understanding of the benefits of physical activity. It also develops cognitive and social skills that are important in later life and help children make the right choices.

So as you can see it’s something that is important for our long term health and the building blocks for children.

This short video provides more information on the benefits of Physical and health literacy.